The Land Bank Board will hold a Special Meeting via teleconference on October 20, 2020 at 9:00am.  See agenda for details and how to join session.


Board Members

Kim Foreman - Chairman

Kay E. Reiter - Director/County Commissioner

Bob Gross - Director /Municipal Director

John Haven - Selected Director / Township Trustee Rep

Christopher Grover - Land Bank Coordinator

Scott Miller - Director/County Commissioner

Tim Freeman - Selected Director

Paul Fiser - Selected Director

The public may join the October 20, 2020 Special Board Meeting by teleconference.  To join the session, please call 419-333-6900 and use room 86100.  Please sign in by announcing your name when joining the call.  


On July 30, 2015, the Sandusky County Land Reutilization Corporation (or land bank) was created to tackle the problem of blighted, vacant, and tax-delinquent properties that decrease surrounding home values.

The Sandusky County Land Reutilization Corporation serves as the County's land bank agency and is primarily funded from penalty and interest paid by delinquent taxpayers. The SCLRC works with local and state partners, as well as private and non-profit agencies, to rehab or demolish blighted buildings with the goal of returning these properties to productive use. The SCLRC five-member Board of Directors meets monthly and I serve as its Chair.

The SCLRC is working with local officials to review and identify vacant and abandoned properties that could qualify for demolition. If you know of a property you believe should be reviewed by the County's land bank, please complete and email the form found at this link.

To qualify for a land bank foreclosure, the property must be both

  1. Tax Delinquent
  2. Vacant and Abandoned

All requests submitted will be forwarded to the SCLRC for review. The land bank will work to leverage its impact and maximize the number of foreclosures initiated after it identifies and prioritizes qualifying properties.