Application to Acquire Property


Application Form to Acquire Property

Acquire Property Form

Application to Acquire Property

(Purchaser qualification form, if not previously submitted, must be filled out as well)

Property Requested

(Separate applications are required for each permanent parcel number)
Property Address
Property Address
Property type

Intended Use of Property

If a vacant lot
If an existing structure
Does the intended use of this property comply with local zoning codes?
Are you aware of any environmental issues related to this property?
Have you or a member of your immediate family previously held title to this property?
Have you had any business interest in this property?

By submitting this application, I am stating my interest in acquiring this property for the use indicated above. I acknowledge that the Sandusky County Land Bank is under no obligation to acquire and/or transfer this property to me. I affirm that all information provided in this application is accurate.

Transfers of property by the Sandusky County Land Bank are governed by policies adopted by the Sandusky County Land Reutilization Corporation's Board of Directors, copies of which are available upon request. The Board of Directors has final authority regarding the disposition of any property under its control. Applications to acquire property through the Sandusky County Land Bank will be reviewed and the applicant will be notified of its status within 30 days. Applicants should be aware that that under certain circumstances, including but not limited to tax foreclosure cases, the time frame for the Land Bank's acquisition and subsequent transfer of a property may take up to 12 months.
Sandusky County Land Reutilization Corp