Rehab Property Program

Rehab Property Program

The Land Bank may acquire properties with structures that do not have demolition orders with the intention of rehabilitating the property for future sale to qualified owner occupants.

The Land Bank will have the property inspected by an independent contractor who will evaluate the condition of the structure, identify required repairs and estimate cost for repairs to meet the quality housing standards set by the Land Bank and local building codes.


In addition to the qualifications for purchase, the perspective owner occupants must provide the Land Bank with the following plans and cost estimates to address issues contained within the property inspection:

  • Complete offer for the property
  • Written plan for rehabilitation to meet local building codes and repairs necessary to obtain a certificate of occupancy
  • Cost Estimate
  • Project timeline
  • Proof of rehabilitation financing
  • Contractor information
  • Proof of insurability upon rehab completion
  • Proof of sustainability income

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Contact the Land Bank to learn more of our Rehabilitation Property Program requirements and qualifications. Land Bank staff will assist interested buyers through the process.

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