Side Lot Program

Side Lot Program

Our Side Lot Program provides the opportunity for homeowners to purchase qualifying adjacent vacant lots for sale by the Sandusky County Land Bank. The purchase of a residential side lot enables homeowners to expand their side yard, build a garage within local ordinances, and increase the overall value of their property.

Qualified Properties

Parcels of property eligible for inclusion in the Side Lot Program must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Vacant unimproved real property
  • Owned by the Land Bank as either an unimproved lot or with the intention of demolishing any structures that currently exists on the land
  • Shall be physically contiguous to adjacent property with not less than a 50% common boundary line on one side
  • Initial priority shall be given to the disposition of properties of insufficient size to permit independent development
  • The intended end use meets the intent and guidance provided for this lot by the city, village or township

Start the Purchase Process

Please contact the Land Bank to learn how to purchase a side lot.  Land Bank staff will assist interested buyers through the process. Fill out Purchase Qualification and Application to Acquire Property forms.

Sandusky County Land Reutilization Corp