Vacant Lot Program

Vacant Lot Program

Are you interested in a vacant lot owned by the Land Bank to add more land to your home or business location? Or are you looking for a piece of vacant land to build a new home or commercial building?


You must meet the following eligibility requirements to purchase a property owned by the Land Bank:

  • Cannot own any property that is currently tax delinquent
  • Cannot own any property that is subject to any unresolved citation or violation of state or local ordinances
  • Cannot own any real property that has a history of being a site for criminal activity during applicant’s ownership
  • Cannot have lost title or had any foreclosure filing against any properties owned in the last five years
  • Must demonstrate that their end use meets the intent and guidance provided for this lot by the city, village or township

Start the Purchase Process

Please contact the Land Bank to learn how to purchase a vacant lot.  Land Bank staff will assist interested buyers through the process. Fill out Purchase Qualification and Application to Acquire Property forms.

Sandusky County Land Reutilization Corp